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bomb remix.

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"Zendaya" - Zendaya

  • September,26th,2013 at 4:32 PM

It’s an all right album as a first effort from a destined Disney powerhouse. There are four standout tracks for me.

  • The first track, the one everyone’s familiar with, Replay.  What Replay brings is a catchy hook, smart word play, and a nice groove. The great thing about this song is that it’s not a huge stretch from Zendaya’s actual singing voice.  If you don’t believe me, check out the acoustic video she posted on her VEVO account.  She may have had an off day singing it live on the Ellen Degeneres show, but nerves always manage to get these up and coming Disney powerhouses.  The first time I heard this single, I literally put it on reply.  It’s a smart combination of a simple beat and airy vocals.  The song’s simplicity is the winning angle here.
  • The first few tracks of this next song sound strikingly familiar.  You might recognize some familiarity with Miley Cyrus’ EP’s title track, Time of Our Lives (with writing credits from Ke$ha).  It’s track five, Heaven Lost an Angel.  There’s a sub-genre of dance music, and I’m sure you’ve heard it if you go to local DJ shows.  The easiest way of describing it as funky elevator music.  The kind of things that companies use as their hold music when you’re in a phone call.  This track uses that kind of funk.  It feels very infused with 90’s R&B.  The vocals are like caramel drizzled over the track. It’s a very sexy song without trying too hard, the delivery is key.
  • Love You Forever is the third standout.  This track comes near the end of album and is a great treat.  It’s an up-tempo mellow jam.  It’s surprising that she’s so young but yet delivers song that can content with heavy weights.  The sound is a throwback, once again, but to something more similar to Ashanti.
  • Lastly, Scared brings her best vocals.  This is where you can feel Zendaya having fun. The song shows experimentation with her voice, and you can feel her acting chops come through. The emotion and passion comes swings every time her voice punches through the beat.

The issue with an Disney artist’s first album is that it’s so controlled.  The songs mentioned above sound different from each other track.  The rest of the album could run as a single song and no one would know the difference.  It’s truly an album, but the diversity needed with today’s musical efforts do not exist with this album.

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Hell’s in divinity.

Hell’s in divinity.

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